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Most women dream of getting married and want their wedding day to be the most memorable one of their lives and so it should be. Sometimes though it becomes memorable not because of the right reason – to join in matrimony with the one they love but for reasons they rather forget and there are enough to ruin an occasion.

  • The guest list that is getting longer and longer,
  • The wedding costs that are exceeding the budget,
  • The weather that can’t be relied upon to produce a gloriously sunny day,
  • The sitting arrangements at the reception,
  • The relatives and their foibles…
  • Never mind the long months of toil and disagreements in planning it.

You can avoid all that by choosing to have your Wedding at Vatera, Greece. If you choose to do that, you can be sure to:

  • Avoid all (almost!) the hassle of organising and let your Wedding Consultant take the strain
  • Have the Wedding and Honeymoon of your dreams for a fraction of the price of getting wed at home
  • Be assured of glorious weather, romance and good value.
  • Bring with you only the wedding guests you really want or even none at all.
  • Save yourself a fortune (probably large enough for a deposit payment on a house)
  • Make wonderful memories to cherish in years to come….

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