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A little before Antissa, on the right we can see the river Voulgari and the Monastery of Perivoli. The town of Antissa sits on the side of the mountain Kourouklo and it was built close to the ancient town of Antissa, where the ancient poet Terpandros was born.

 It is the regional centre for the villages of Vatousa, Xidera, Gavatha, Liota, Rema, Tzithra and Pterounda. In the large and beautiful square there are three enormous plane (platanos) trees that make it a very cool place to come to on a hot afternoon. There are several restaurants and cafeneons in the square also a pharmacy, a health centre, and a post office. The only drawback to the area is that besides the rooms at the Paradise in Gavatha, there are few if any places to stay. But it's a nice place to come for a day.

Campo Antissa and Gavatha are the beach and fishing port of the village of Antissa, in the mountains above. There is a small harbour full of fishing boats and a long beach with a few trees that offer shade. Gavatha is built upon a peninsula that shelters the main beach and there are rocky beaches on the other side that are good snorkelling areas when the sea is not too rough.

There is a small Church of St. Pandeleimon on the rocks above the village, guarded by a rusted old tank with its gun pointed at Turkey.

Five kilometres away from Antissa, on our way to Sigri, we will find the Monastery of Ypsilo, on the top of the mountain.

Important cultural happenings and religious festivals take place:

On the 8th of May, when the religious festival of Saint Ioannis Theologus to the Monastery of Ypsilo,

On the 6th of August, when we celebrate the religious festival of Metamorphosi and

On the 21st of November, we have the celebration of a religious festival to the Monastery of Perivoli.

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