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Polichnitos - Lesvos - 81 300 - Greece Tel.  +30 22520 41885,  61121,  - Fax.  +30 22520 41885, 61121

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There is an ample supply of taxis, with ranks at the airport, in Mytilene town centre (near the country bus station at the end of Odos Ermou behind the Municipal Theatre), Agiasos, Plomari, Kalloni, Eressos, Petra and  Molivos. Even small villages have at least one local taxi.

However it is advisable and safer to book your taxi transfer to your accommodation in advance, rather than having to hail a taxi, when you arrive at the airport.

This is advisable for several reasons:

·         If you pre-book a taxi you will know exactly “how much it will cost”. If the cost of the taxi transfer is included in your accommodation booking, you only need to think about a small or large tip, depending how generous you feel.

·         The taxi driver will wait for you even if you are delayed. Small delays normally wouldn’t increase the fare, but for delays of more than an hour it will.

·         The taxi driver will know where to take you, since he would have been given instructions and carry a sign with your name and destination. You will not need to explain or give directions.

·         If you know you have lots of luggage, you can order a taxi with a roof rack. This will save you time at the airport having to look for a taxi that can handle your luggage.

·         Pre-booking a taxi, means you will be getting a taxi driver from the locality where you will be staying, therefore you help keep in business someone who during the winter is having a hard time making a living, due to the lack of tourist trade.





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