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LESVOS, the third largest island in Greece, remains one of the most natural and unspoilt islands in the whole archipelago. From the very ancient to resent times it is the birthplace of some great figures in history, music, literature and generally the arts but until recently it has been less well known for its green credentials.

However, things have been changing. The raised awareness of the local people to all matters relating to nature and conservation of the environment and the fruitful presence in the island of visiting scientists and experts in various naturalist pursuits has helped matters along. The outcome is that the "expert" visitors have been talking and writing about these matters. This invariably is encouraging more visitors to the island thus further raising the wider public awareness.

In this respect we are no different. We very much value our island; it's unique environment and heritage. We wish to preserve and conserve it but also to share it with others, who appreciate NATURE.

Dimitra is one of the 11 founding members of the recently set up, Non-Profit making organisation " LESVOS: Destination for alternative tourism" - (LE.P.E.T). Its main aim is to present and promote Lesvos as a destination for ecological and alternative tourism and thus support, maintain and conserve the environment and traditional lifestyle of the local people.

Writing at length about all the possibilities of "Green Tourism in Lesvos", is a vast undertaking, beyond our abilities and the scope of this web site. However we will give brief accounts of the options available in Vatera and the surrounding area, and then it's all up to YOU. Imagine the thrill of discovery!


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