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We are always on the look out for ways of making your vacations complete by putting you in touch with the real, authentic Greece of the Greeks, the Greece of tradition, culture, history, nature, spirituality, religion, good food and hospitality.
To this end we will keep you updated about maps, guides and books which will help you to enjoy your vacations even more. Some of them you will be able to buy directly from us, for others we will give you information where you can buy them.


The variation in land formation and geology in Lesvos, the man made biotopes and the century old olive groves, create a huge diversity in habitats for plants and justifies the richness of flora. In 1889 & 1897, the French botanists Candargys, listed 27 species of orchids in Lesvos. Further research has increased this list to 59 discreet species with 10 additional varieties. This figure exceeds the numbers found on any other Aegean island. The island has even its own endemic species in Orchis lesbis.

This newly published guide (albeit in Greek) is a good reference book on the species found in Lesvos and distribution areas.

To order your copy e mail: hibiscustravel@yahoo.co.uk 

“LESVOS GUIDES – VATERA – Around and About “
by Brian & Eileen Anderson
ISBN: 960-87892-0-6

The accomplished Writers Guild authors, Brian and Eileen Anderson, have written this guide. It is a detailed walking guide of ten walks in the very little known area of Vatera and the wider region of Polichnitos with new, authentic illustrations and detailed maps. Car tours are also included in the guide.

To order your copy e mail: hibiscustravel@yahoo.co.uk


LANDSCAPES OF LESVOS - By Brian & Eileen Anderson
ISBN: 1-85691-237-X

Sunflower Books is pleased to announce a new addition to their immensely popular "Landscapes" series. The island of Lesvos is a paradise for walkers. Cloaked with forests of chestnut and oak, the hills and mountains are riddled with little known ancient trails and cobbled donkey paths, many of which form the walks featured in this new guidebook.

Lesvos was the birthplace of famous figures from history, the poetess Sappho and the father of botany, Theophrastus, amongst others. The island becomes a riot of flowers in the spring and is famous for its wild orchids (as many as 65 species) with its own special endemic, Orphys lesbis.

The island boasts two of the finest natural phenomena in Europe: the Petrified Forest at Sigri and the Palaeolithic fossils of extinct fauna and flora species found at Vatera. It is a treasure house of very early ancient remains from the 7th century B.C. onwards, its period of greatness.

With the publication of Landscapes of Lesvos, the island is set to become an exciting new walking destination in the Mediterranean.

You can buy this book at: www.amazon.com

ISBN: 1-84306-118-X

This is another highly informative visitors guide published by Landmark (a popular brand with a loyal customer base) and written by Brian and Eileen Anderson. It is easy to use and a convenient size covering this beautiful unspoilt Greek island with clear graphics standing out on a crowded shelf. It includes:

·         Car tours and town trails with accompanying maps and historical background notes

·         Fact File – practical travel advice including local customs, accommodation, entertainment and advice for the disabled.

·         Full colour photography with road maps and feature boxes.

You can buy this book at: www.amazon.com

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