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….the island of Homer
...the greatest classical poet


The Prefecture of Chios has a surface area of 904 sq.km, and 53.032 inhabitants (2001 Census). It consists of:

The island of Chios (inhabited for the first time 6000 years ago), the 5th largest of all Greek islands situated 27 n.m. south of Lesvos, with a coastline of 213 km long and 54.000 inhabitants. It is often called Myrovolos = Fragrant, due to the heady perfume of the citrus fruits that grow in abundance. The millennia-old history of the island disappears into the recesses of mythology.

The island of Oinousses, situated at the northeast side of Chios along with some other uninhabited islets. It is a place of great Naval tradition, something which the exhibits at the Maritime Museum and the fact that most of the Greek shipping magnets were born here show.


Homer is thought to have lived during the 8th century B.C. The Greeks have always assumed Homer to be the author of The Odyssey and The Iliad although historians have never been one hundred percent sure about the accuracy of this assertion. Since we have no reason to believe otherwise, however, Homer remains the sole individual credited with drafting these two extraordinary historic poems. 
   In addition to serving as great works of literary art, Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey reflect a great deal about history. As it is with all great literature, The Odyssey still speaks to us today because it is the story of one man. It is the human quality of this work that holds up through the ages. Touching scenes such as Hector’s farewell and the return of Odysseus still move us because they resonate with our shared human experience. Much of the historical detail, though distorted through the centuries,... remained fairly accurate; but, more importantly, the poetry reflects a great deal about the morals, customs and values of his day.

Homer's The Iliad is the story of the Greek siege of Troy. Odysseus, who owes allegiance to Agamemnon, responds when he calls on all Greek or Achaean princes to aid in the war against Troy. The Odyssey is the tale of Odysseus’ twenty year journey back home to Ithaca. Details of Greek life can be learned from a careful reading of these documents.
    The world Homer describes in The Odyssey is, presumably, one much more ancient than his own. The Greeks dated the fall of Troy about 1184 B.C. but since Homer’s art was an oral one in the course of telling and retelling, the stories tended to become altered by, what was to Homer, recent events. Consequently, they far better reflect the society that existed just previous to Homer’s age then an older one. Works-Of-Homer.Com servers as the ultimate student resource for examples of essays and papers studying these classic works.


The island’s terrain is semi mountainous but fertile, producing fruit, olives and mastic the island’s famous and exclusive product. The highest mountain is Pilineo, its tallest peak being Profitis Ilias (1.297 m), while other lower mountains are Amani (809 m) and Pigania (795 m).  Between the mountains and the coast are many small green valleys.


Many “eco tourists”, are attracted to Chios in the spring coming to admire the island’s rich flora, particularly the wild tulips flourishing at this time of the year. At the wetlands in “Limnos” and “Parpanda” in Kardamila, live friendly water-turtles, while during the bird migration season; many bird species can be observed


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