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...The Island of Pythagoras
...The first pure Mathematician

The Prefecture of Samos consists of:

  • The island of Samos located by the shores of Asia Minor,

  • The island of Ikaria situated to the west of Samos and

  • The island group of Fournoi (Fourni, Thimena and Agios Minas) stretching to the north east of Samos and south east of Ikaria.

  • Samos is the principal island of the Prefecture with some spectacular scenery including mountain villages, sandy beaches and rocky coves. The island covers an area of 491 km2 and has a coastline of 159 km. Its land is mountainous; with its highest peak Mount Kerkis (1437 m) it is only 1500 meters away from the coast of Asia Minor (seven stage straits) where the Greek Culture of Ancient Ionia bloomed. This favourable location played a significant role for it development.

    It is possible that the name Samos was given to the island by the Phoenicians and it means "a place somewhere high". However it was known by several other names: Parthenia, Imvrasia, Anthemis, Dryousa, Doryssa, Phyllas etc

    Samos has been a holiday destination for over two decades and as such has an excellent infrastructure, but hardly any signs of over-development. Even those places that carry the label of "the most important tourist destinations" - a label that would usually cause us to make a wide berth and head for the hills - turned out to retain plenty of local character. We would be perfectly happy to while away an afternoon or two in the 'major resorts' of Pythagorion (named after the island's most famous son, Pythagoras) and Kokkari. The lesser-known corners of the island can accurately be described as wonderfully unspoilt.


    Myth of Pythagoras

    The philosopher, mathematician and musician Pythagoras (580-500 BC) was a personality with many interests, who combined mathematically the cosmological beliefs of Orpheus and gave functions and qualitative characteristics to numbers. He introduced the Orphipythagorian mysteries. He shaped the Pythagorean School of Philosophy and was known for his theorem. The systematisation of and the development of the eight-string music make Pythagoras a true inventor of music. He also introduced music for therapeutic reasons.

    The Samians

    In a country that is as famed for its hospitality and the friendliness of its people as Greece is, it might seem pedantic to single out individual islands for special mention, but it would be fair to say that together with the Lesvians, the Samians offer the warmest welcome in all of Greece.


    The Samians are simple, kind and welcoming people. Perhaps it is the unique qualities of the local wine (the famously sweet dessert wine which is exported all over Europe) that make the Samians such a friendly bunch, or it may simply be the joy of living on an island that has succeeded in striking just the right balance between cosmopolitan openness and traditional, local charm.

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