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LIMNOS (Lemnos)
....The Island of Hephaestos
....The God of the fire & the forge 

Limnos (or Lemnos) is located in the North East Aegean Sea between the peninsular of Mount Athos and the islands of Samothrace and Lesvos. In size it is the eighth largest Greek island with
 a uniquely shaped with numerous small and large bays coastline of 259 km. Generally
Limnos is a flat island with the one high point being the peak of mountain Skopia (470 m)

Limnos (total surface area 476 sq.km. & 18.000 inhabitants) and the small island of
Agios Efstratios form the Eparchy of Limnos. Together with the island of Lesvos
they form the Lesvos Prefecture.

One third of the Limnos population lives in the capital town of Myrina, while the rest
live at the 31 villages of Limnos. Compared to the other islands of the North East Aegean
Sea, the climate in Limnos is very dry. Although strong winds are some times prevalent,
it rains almost never. Even so, poplars, plane trees, eucalyptuses, pine trees and almond
trees grow in abundance.


The Myth of Hephaestos

The Ancient Greeks considered Limnos as the island of Haephestos, the God of the fire and the forge. According to mythology, his father Zeus, during a quarrel with his mother Hera, threw him from Mount Olympus to Limnos. He landed injured with a broken hip, on mount Mosychlos (currently named Despotis), where he found shelter. He stayed there and taught the natives the skill of the forge and the art of metalwork.

The islanders also worshipped the children (or assistants) of Haephestos, the Kaviri, as gods. Their names were Axieros, Axiokersos and Axiokersa. Remnants of their sanctuary can be found in the site of Kavirion at North East Limnos.

(Toledo Museum of Art)

Hephaistos flanked by goddesses
(Louvre Museum)

(Harvard University Art Museums)

The Limnians

The Limnians are hospitable, plain speaking and friendly people. Many are farmers; fishermen and seamen while increased numbers are also engaged in trade, tourism and services. They love feasts and celebrations where they can dance the local dances and sing. Very often they invite visitors to the island to share their celebrations.

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