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...The Island of Ikarus
....The first flying man

Eat & Drink

The island of Ikaria has many small picturesque coffee shops, which serve coffee, juice, and sweets as well as busy cafes, especially in Agios Kirikos, the island's capital. The fish tavernas of Ikaria e.g. "Kokos's Taverna" and "Klendani" in Evdilos, or "Dolphin" in Armenistis offer fresh fish, lobster and all kinds of seafood. Those who prefer other kinds of food should taste the famous island's specialties of roast wild goat and the local wine. They are served in "Klimataria" and "T' Aderfia" in Agios Kirikos, the taverna "Cavos Bay" and "Paschalia" in Armenistis and the small tavernas of Rahes. In Agios Kirikos, there are pizza places like "Filoti", souvlaki and fast-food places.


Although a relatively quiet island, Ikaria offers many opportunities regarding the nightlife. In the capital, one can spend a pleasant evening at the cinema. Agios Kirikos and Armenistis have many bars where one can have a drink and listen to Greek and foreign music, such as "Disco" and the club "Casmir". An evening stroll to Evdilos could end with a drink listening to the sounds of rock music in "Bloom" or "Artemis", on Na beach.



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