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Polichnitos - Lesvos - 81 300 - Greece Tel.  +30 22520 41885,  61121,  - Fax.  +30 22520 41885, 61121

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GETTING HERE (To Lesvos or Lesbos)

You can travel directly to the island airport of Mytilini on Lesvos by plane from a number of European countries and cities on 'charter flights'.


ALL charter flights from U.K. to Lesvos (Mytilene Airport) leave and return on THURSDAYS only from Gatwick and Manchester airports, during the summer season.

  In 2004 the first flights out are on the 29th  April,
 the last return flight is scheduled for the 14th  October.

UK holiday companies offering hotel or self-catering packages for 2004 are:-
First Choice/Unijet:- www.firstchoice.co.uk
Kosmar Holidays:- www.kosmar.co.uk
Manos Holidays:- www.manos.co.uk
Simply Greece (Simply Travel):- www.simplytravel.com
These companies usually have flight-only bookings available for a maximum stay
of three weeks.

However please note that since the UK direct charters to Lesvos have been halved in 2004, the late 80’s  & 90’s phenomenon of Tour Companies charging more for “flight only deals” than “ economy packages” has surfaced again. You might think its better for you to choose an “economy package”, Not so, because you don’t know in what kind of accommodation you will end up,  and very often low standards will ruin your much deserved and looked forward to holiday . We advice you, when you are planning & costing your holiday, If the “flight only deals” cost more than the “ economy packages”,
be bold and buy an “economy package” but book the accommodation of your choice separately, thus never using the accommodation included in the “economy package”. If enough people do it, the message might get through to the Tour Companies to change their policies & high handed tactics against the consumers.


For direct flights from Amsterdam, on Mondays you can use the following websites for booking information, prices and bookings:
http://www.seatonly.nl & http://www.dutchbird.nl


For direct flights from Munich and Dusseldorf, on Wednesdays you can use the following website for Lufthansa www.lufthansa.com


For direct flights from Stockholm (Arlanda Airport) on Mondays
you can use the following web site of the air company Apollo:
You can also get internal flights from most major cities in Sweden to connect with a direct flight to Lesvos.


There are frequent direct flights from several UK airports to Athens by
British Airways  www.ba.com
Easy Jet www.easyjet.com
Olympic Airlines www.olympicairlines.com
Hellas Jet www.hellasjet.com

Easy Jet can be very a very economical option if booked very early in advance. Last minute bookings (unless sold as promotional options) can work pricier than for scheduled flights.

Checking the web site often for good rates is advisable.

Also www.germanwings.com can provide an economy option from Germany to Athens


'Domestic Flights' leave Athens regularly for Greek islands and other destinations on the mainland.

HIBISCUS TRAVEL can take care of your domestic travelling requirements by air (Olympic Airways and Aegean Air).

E mail us with details of your proposed travelling plans and HIBISCUS TRAVEL will respond promptly with a quotation.

To issue the tickets we will need the names of any passengers travelling, the ages of any children and details of any connecting flights or ferries, which may be relevant to your journey. We can issue your domestic tickets from and to Athens or any destination within Greece and send them to you by first class registered post. 

There are up to 8 onward flights a day from Athens to Mytilene by
Aegean Airways www.aegeanairlines.gr
and Olympic Airlines
When searching for flights, to avoid confusion, use the international codes, ATH & MJT
For International passengers through bookings are available with Olympic Airlines.

Aegean Airlines links with Hellas Jet to provide a through booking.

In December 2003 the Greek Government temporarily rescued the insolvent Olympic Airways by reversing it into its subsidiary Macedonian Airlines and renaming the result Olympic Airlines. Routes and frequencies may be liable to change. More changes are expected in the Autumn 2004 regarding how Olympic Airlines evolves. We will be posting developments as they arise.

Lesvos is also connected by air with Thessaloniki, Limnos, Samos, and Rhodes although at much lower frequency.


NEL Lines www.nel.gr operates a daily overnight ferry from Piraeus to Mytilene via Chios, normally leaving Piraeus at 18.00 and arriving at Mytilene at 08.00. With a cabin for an overnight rest, it is quite pleasant getting to the island this way. Occasionally there are non stop services. During the summer season a NEL high speed ferry, taking 6 hours (and costing about double the normal fare), runs three days a week from Piraeus depending on favourable weather conditions.

Also there is a connecting service to:

  • Thessaloniki,
  • Limnos, Samothraki & Kavala,
  • Samos
  • Rhodes
  • Ayvalik, Turkey
  • Dikelik, Turkey.

Since 2002 GA Ferries www.gaferries.com have run a three days a week service to and from Piraeus with services via other islands including a weekly run as far as Rhodes.

A booking agency at www.ferries.gr offers current timetables and online booking.

E mail us with details of your proposed travelling plans and HIBISCUS TRAVEL will respond promptly with a quotation.

For more information on HIBISCUS TRAVEL services click HERE


Mytilene town services operate from a terminal in the municipal car park off Odyseus Elitis (Ďäýóóĺá Ĺëýôç) Airport, by the cargo port and runs as far as the airport in the south and Thermi in the north.  An airport  bus service was introduced in 2003; for information enquire at the airport.

Country services are operated by KTEL Lesvos from the terminal in KTEL Square (Đëáôĺßá ĘÔĹË), located about five minutes walk from the town bus terminal; walk north towards the main harbour and then turn left alongside the Atlantik supermarket - the terminal is opposite at the end of the street.

A current timetable for the main services is posted in the window of the ticket office/waiting room; frequencies depend on time of year, day of week etc Ask before boarding a bus - the one that says Agiasos on the front may not necessarily be the one that's going there!

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