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Butterflies that you might hope to see in Lesbos

 John Bowers

*Present known Lesbos species

/species difficult to distinguish in the field

Note: A list headed `Commonest Butterflies’ in Richard Brooks, Birding on the Greek Island of Lesvos contains a number of species additional to those listed here. The provenance of the records on which Brooks’ list is based is not known, but in all cases either the known range of the species or its habitat requirements makes its presence on Lesbos highly unlikely. Accordingly these additions have been rejected.     


Swallowtail *

Southern swallowtail*

Scarce swallowtail*

Eastern festoon*

False apollo*


Black-veined white*

Large white*

Small white*

Southern small white

Green-veined white*

Bath white*

Eastern dappled white*

Orange tip*

Clouded/ Berger’s clouded yellow*



Wood white*


Purple hairstreak*

Green hairstreak*

Ilex hairstreak*

Small copper*

Sooty copper

Purple-shot copper*

Lesser fiery copper

Long-tailed blue*

Lang’s short-tailed blue*

Osiris blue

Holly blue*

Green-underside blue*

Iolas blue

Eastern baton blue (P. vicrama)*

Brown argus*

Wall brown*

Large wall brown*


Grizzled skipper*

Oberthûr’s skipper

Olive skipper

Orbed red-underwing skipper*

Mallow skipper*

Inky skipper*

Lulworth skipper

Essex skipper*

Small skipper*

Mediterranean/pygmy skipper

Amanda’s blue*

Chapman’s blue*

Anomalous/Ripart’s anomalous blue

Meleager’s blue

Common blue*



Nettle-tree butterfly*



Southern white admiral*

Camberwell beauty*

Large tortoiseshell*


Painted lady*

Small tortoiseshell*

Southern comma*


Silver-washed fritillary*

Niobe fritillary*

Queen of Spain fritillary*

Knapweed fritillary*

Spotted/Lesser spotted fritillary*



Balkan marbled white*

Grayling/Southern grayling*

Eastern rock grayling*

Freyer’s/Tree grayling*

White-banded grayling*

Great-banded grayling*

Meadow brown*

Aegean meadow brown (M. telmessa)*

Oriental meadow brown*

Dusky meadow brown*

Small heath*

Speckled wood*


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